Rich Features of I-Manager

Our domain expertise and devotion towards industrial segment motivated us to design and complete system which is user friendly & easy to adopt. BEEDU I-Manager(HRMS) drives organization towards complete automation of Bray’s HR management process.


BEEDU I-manager is a solution to manage an organization day-to-day activities smoothly from a single place. It’s not just the simple user friendly environment or the fast response time that makes us better, BEEDU is always there with you to fulfill your all IT needs and always help to keep your organization running managed and seamless.


Products & Services

  • Financial Planning for resource hiring by HR.
  • Approval from configured approver.
  • HOD can view and utilize the budget throughout the year.
  • HR will be notified about new requirement.
  • Recruitment process will then be initiated.
  • Department provides requirement and skill details.
  • HR scans through CV’s.
  • Suitable candidates are send an e-mail invitation for an interview.
  • Reference number is generated and online application form is filled by candidate.
  • Based on form filled, recruitment team will arrange for interview with client.
  • Based on interview matrix, candidate is given a score.
  • Based on score candidate is selected and CTC negotiation is carried out.
  • Induction panel is notified about candidate.
  • Induction panel provide feedback on candidate.
  • Candidate provides feedback on induction.
  • HRIS maintains personal information.
  • Candidate updates information that has not been on the HRIS.
Attendance & LMS

An HR module that replicates the Physical WORKFLOW in the electronic space.

  • Authorizations – leave applications, absence regularization, compensatory off
  • Summary – company-wise, dept-wise, branch wise attendance
  • Pending – pending / approved leave applications
  • Enhanced Tools in the form of Dashboard, Alerts, etc.
  • Assets issued to employee by company.
  • Request-approval chain is initiated, after which the asset is allotted.
  • Reimbursements for Travel, Mobile bills, Fuel and Maintenance, Electricity, Driver salary.
  • LTA provision.
  • Salary processing.
  • Generating reports.
  • Registers, journals, accounting system.
  • Tax Declaration.
  • Flexi planning.
  • Tax projection.
  • Tax simulation.
  • Form 16, Form 24, Challan, etc.
  • Payslips.
  • Salary Card.
  • CTC.
  • Incentives, Aries.
  • Payroll deduction like salary advance, etc.
  • Voucher payments.
  • Submitting appraisal forms.
  • Self appraisal, maintenance of criteria for the year.
  • Providing employees appraisal letters.
  • Full and Final Settlement.
  • Resignation, providing notice period, recovery, dues, gratuity, PF calculations, tax recovery.

Key Benefits

Employee Self Service

1.  Access from anywhere and Update anytime

  • Update personal and professional information
  • Access the application on the web

2.  Ala Carte

  • Choose & change fixed / flexi salary component
  • Simulate and Plan Personal Taxes
  • Provide Tax declarations Online

3. View Reports

  • View attendance
  • Apply for Leave

4.  Generate Reports

  • View and print pay slips
  • View Payroll history
  • View history of Leave availed
Payroll Accuracy

1.  Information at Employee’s fingertips

  • -View and print PAYSLIP
  • -On line Salary Card showing Earnings & Deductions
  • -Loan Recovery and Court recovery
  • -View CTC sheet detailing item wise availed / unavailed amount.

2. Standard reports

  • Salary Journal
  • Payroll Disbursement module
  • Wage Register
  • Monthly and Annual Payroll Reconciliation module+

3. Accuracy in Payroll processing

  • Pre Payroll process checklist to ensure all deductions / recovery / incentives / declarations are captured before the payroll process is run
  • Tightly integrated module that ensures all benefit  / deductions information appears across the system.

4. Statutory / Taxation module ensures

  • Prompt and (default free) recovery of Tax based on employees declaration.
  • Data in required format for filing of monthly, quarterly and annual reports (PF / ESCI / PT / Form 24  etc.)
HR Management
  1. An HR module that not only replicates the physical WORKFLOW, but also betters it by providing enhanced web tools (Dashboard, Alerts, etc.).
  2. Manage and Retain your Assets
  • Tracks all HR-related information about your employees including personal details, employment history & salary information.
  • Interactive dialogue between the Candidate-Employee/ Supervisor and HR for CTC approval
  • Snapshot of Employee count / Department strength
  • Action pending (leave application / asset allocation)
  • Browser based Favourite concept (most visited links)
  1. An Alert for forthcoming birthdays / anniversary
  2. Administrative control
  • Workflow based authorization for Reimbursements and Asset allocation
  • Tracking of various assets / reimbursements given to an employee
  • Monitoring of Asset being returned for a F&F settlement
State of the art Tech

1. A web based 24X7 self service HR module covering every aspect of the Employee Life Cycle.

  • Recruitment & Induction (under development)
  • Employment
  • Termination

2. Modular / Flexible Structure

  • Role based module access.
  • Customizable module access

3. Scalable

  • Capability to Setup and Start at short notice.
  • Easy to Implement.

4. Web Technology

  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • SQL Server 2000
  • IIS Web Server
Cost effective

At a fraction of existing cost, HR & Payroll soln does the job of

1. A Payroll assistant

    • Attendance management
    • Salary processing
    • Accounting entries generation

3. An HR Assistant

    • Leave Management
    • CTC, Reimbursements, Asset & Loan management
    • Tracks and Controls all HR related information

3. A Taxation expert

    • provides employees with online tax declaration facility
    • ensures accurate and reliable tax computation
    • generates relevant M – Q – A Statutory reports

4. A Tech expert

    • A state-of-art Web based 24X7 application
    • Easy to implement. Easy to Customize solution
    • Not only replication of the physical WORKFLOW, but also betters it by providing enhanced web tools (Dashboard, Alerts, etc.).