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Strategic Solutions

BEEDU’s enterprise-level services and wealth of experience has led to perfect digital experiences for our clientele using a combination of relevant technology, thoughtful strategy and clarity of purpose.

TeamWork & Office Culture

BSPL has a clear mission to become the world’s technology leader with an amazing working culture with a team that works hard, smatly and adopt fatest methodologies to keep BEEDU growing at light speed

Advance Products

BEEDU come with a wide range of products developed in latest technologies to serve perfect digital experiences to our clients. Help them to perform their day to day activities smoothly

BEEDU Services Private Limited

BEEDU Services Private Limited (BSPL) is an IT product based solution provider the fastest growing Information Technology Company. We are innovative IT solution provider, outsourcing solutions and technical training provider. BSPL is transformed into premier information technology company by offering a wide range of IT products, solutions and Services to our clients and become friends for
their all IT needs.


Though BSPL starting its services serving mainly to Education Industry but its customer base was limited to only education industry. Further we at BSPL consider ourselves as “IT Friend” of its Customers so after lot of brain storming best suited Name “BEEDU” was finalised based on few thoughts such as “BEEDU”(“Be Educated”, “BEEDU” (“Friend”, “Education is a best friend”) and “BEEDU” (“an IT Friend for its customers).


Experts at BSPL always starve to learn based upon the proactive market research, published papers globally, learning during interaction with its highly experienced Customers. This learning attitude of BSPL has led to the evolution of its flagship product BEEDU-CONNECT an Institute Management System.Development of Erstwhile CMS 1.0 (Now known as BEEDU-CONNECT) started back in year 2009 and first commercial release was in 2010. 35+ Years of working experience in education domain for variety of institutes lead to build a product with enriched features.


Staff Strength and Work Experience –

From humble beginnings in 2009 when company was 4 member team with 2 customers, now the BEEDU has grown to energetic 15+ member team and has vast experience of development of turnkey solutions catering to customer across industries and implementation of its products at around 35+ institutes ranging from small institutes such as Playgroups to group of institutes having all types of institutes with Deemed Universities. Stature.


Process Driven Approach –

Greatest asset of BSPL is the capability and expertise that have been inculcated by the process driven methodologies. This is leading to efficient, seamless and faster deployments meeting the expectation of its customers.


BSPL’s Mission –

BSPL’s core focus is to enhance customers’ business by improvement in their productivity, efficiency of their processes through complete automation by providing the highest quality IT products/ Solutions and services.Continuous proactive learning on the latest technologies and from its experienced customers enabling BSPL to stand in the competitive market by upgrading its products/ solutions and sharing the benefits to all its customers.


BSPL’s Vision –


To provide distinct Innovative solutions and be IT Partner of Its Customers


Ernst while CMS Product was upgraded on new technology platform and transformed with simple & user friendly interface including ennoblement on mobile. Based upon the intensive market research, pain areas of all stake holders at Institute (Teaching/ Non Teaching Staff & Management) and Parents were understood. Even after adopting the solutions, there were communication Gaps and manual interventions which was impacting productivity and efficiency. Focus was to achieve complete Operational Automation. For BEEDU-CONNECT, main differentiation from the other market products is to establish the strong, transparent communication bridge among its stakeholders by implementing workflow based processes with complete data insight, that is how BEEDU-CONNECT was born. Product was named BEEDU-CONNECT” with that vision only. BEEDU-CONNECT has out of box role based dashboards which helps to provide “Right Data to Right People” for taking “Right Decision at Right Time”

Our dream to make every institute a smart institute

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